An outsider’s view

With the current state of ”all things digital” that we live in I ran a workshop the other day on the topic of digital transformation of sport, relating to performance. There are, of course, many areas that due to Covid-19 have switched from in real life events to digital equivalents. Mostly, I see this in way of conferences, educational offers and initiatives involving some sort of communications. If the block on crowds at events continues for much longer I am sure we will also see new inventions on the fan side of things in order for sports to try to reestablish some sort of atmosphere, that used to be unique to sports. I, for example, have already seen a Japanese invention where fans through an app on their phone can contribute to the noise in the arena where a match is played, thanks to the massive speakers that have been put there, connected to the app. Instead of actually being in the arena fans do this from the comfort of their living room couch. Anyone who has endured a Bundesliga football match of lately would welcome that.

What is striking to me in this webinar that I am hosting though is how people from the outside, with completely different expertise from what we are used to in sports, can contribute if we only dare to let them loose. This time it is two people with a background in statistical analysis in business, i.e. real estate, stock broking and insurance, that with their understanding of numbers open up insights that I and many more in sports have not previously come close. With the enormous big data sets that are often available today, the skill to analyse and use data to forecast future events has become a must have in a successful coaching team.

With that I guess one could argue that sports are nearing the kind of modelling that is currently frequently discussed under the heading of Covid-19. Perhaps not quite as serious but in order to move things forward on our end we have at least decided to start a network for ”nerds of numbers”. Who is up for it?


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